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ESD Paper Bag - The first antistatic bag made of paper

The ESD Paper Bag from WEBER Verpackungen - Dissipative plus

Technical data

Product ESD paper flat bag with side seam and self-adhesive closure flap
Area of application Standard-compliant packaging for electronic components in accordance with IEC 61340-5-3
ESD classification Volume resistance
(value | unit | standard)
5.6 x104 Ω IEC 61340-5-3 (measured in accordance to IEC 61340-2-3)
Thanks to the innovative bag construction, the volume resistance is significantly better than plastic: very good protection for sensitive electronic components
Material ESD special paper, 100% recycled paper, 70 g/m2

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Technical data

Climate dependence Independent of humidity
Durability Permanent
Paper thickness 0.11 - 0.12 mm
Burst strength
(value | unit | standard)
210 kPa ISO 2758 / TAPPI T403
Glued seam strength
(value | unit | standard)
4.3 N IEC ISO 1924-2/100/20
Technical note Not suitable as a single, close-fitting packaging of electrostatically
endangered components (ESDS) outside the EPA

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Made in Germany - 100% recycled paper

  • Functional, resource- and emission-saving packaging
  • Paper as a raw material: renewable & 100% recyclable
  • Can be printed individually and in high quality
  • water-based inks
  • Various formats available
  • Innovative and cost-effective packaging solution
  • short delivery routes - Made in Germany

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Product information

Product information on the ESD Paper Bag as a PDF is available in our media center

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