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is the innovative and sustainable packaging solution to pack kebabs


ist die innovative und nachhaltige Verpackungslösung um Döner zu verpacken

Haepsi x WEBER

Kebag is a cooperation between haepsi and WEBER Verpackungen

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With the new Kebag kebab packaging, you are able to optimise the work processes in your catering business, because with the Kebag kebab bag, you complete all steps with just one packaging. No extra bag and no aluminium foil, yet everything is safe, clean and the kebab stays hot. What's more, this clever kebab packaging is quick and easy to use. The Kebag is the alternative to the usual snack packaging.

Thanks to the FSC®-certified paper (FSC®-C105659), the Kebag, in contrast to the well-known fast food packaging, is completely recyclable and by dispensing with aluminium, plastic and additional kebab bags, you never use more packaging material than necessary. Individual prints and your own logos in the highest print quality are realised for you by the bag makers using exclusively water-based inks. This makes this 100% sustainable to-go packaging the modern version of the kebab bag.

Product features

2 in 1
Two products in one. For direct consumption or to go

No plastic - no aluminum
100% recyclable FSC paper (FSC®‐C105659)

Integrated adhesive strip for quick, easy and flexible sealing

Hygienically packed
Ergonomic product design for reduced contact wrapping of a kebab

Keeps fresh and warm
Integrated thermal function due to double-layer greaseproof paper

Promotes sales and turnover through targeted advertising

Kebag Online Shop

Click here to go to the Kebag Shop, where you can order your sample set or larger quantities directly.

to the Kebag Shop

The KEBAG from WEBER Verpackungen and Haepsi wins the 2021 GERMAN PACKAGING AWARD in Gold in the FUNCTIONALITY & CONVENIENCE category.

The jury's score:

"Almost everyone has eaten an aluminum foil-wrapped kebab. This award-worthy packaging addresses a 2-fold material use. The optimized kebab packaging optimizes packaging and transport from one source and with one material. The 2 in 1 solution means innovative process optimization for the kebab seller and consumer."



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